"Palm Trees in the light.."

I always seem to kick off October in Emerald and Palm🌴 The star of this show is the Audrey skirt, which I still can't believe exists. With the drape and texture of a couture garment, a white, full skirt is the vintage gal's staple, perfect for any season and style. For the versatile vixen, you can go classic Audrey Hepburn with black and white, or soft pastels. Today I've donned an ultra classic look with a modern twist. Sparkling shades and sexy stilettos are my stand out accessories, alongside one of my favorite vintage, velvet tops. I've picked a pink rose, which seems to match perfectly with my rose embroidered gloves. Cheers to the beginning of fall!

➽ Style Tip:

Wear your blouse unbuttoned....;)

Top: VTG 1950s
Skirt: Emerald & Palm
Shoes: VTG 1950s "Palter DeLiso"
Sunglasses: Ebay


  1. Oh Ashlyn, those sunglasses and your lips are the perfect combination <3

    1. Aww, thank you Betty, you are so sweet! Thanks for reading xoxoxoxoxo


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