"He finds her waiting, like a lonesome queen.."

Bettie Page lingerie is a lovely mix of my two favorite aesthetics: light & dark. With naughty negligees featuring themes of bondage and black, as well as soft pink, pastel peignoirs, Bettie Page Lingerie is quickly becoming my go-to for glamorous recreations of  1950s boudoir wear. This particular set consists of a sheer, soft lavender pink babydoll, trimmed in ostrich feathers, complete with its matching robe. It is so comfortable, and the fluffy feathers aren't a bother at all, making it the perfect, light (yet fancy) piece to float around in. The sash also trimmed in ostrich, is the cherry on top. Heavenly with hydrangea!

Style Tip:
For a 1950s boudoir look, have your hair fluffy like your robe! A Jayne Mansfield hairstyle is less sculptured like the garment, and always a good idea when trying to emulate a classic bombshell from the past.