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Pink & Black is today's theme, and a definite favorite scheme. I love pairing corset bras with circle skirts, and between the open lace and the lightweight cotton fabric of the skirt, this outfit is suitable for these 100+ temps! This is something I put together that can exude a bit 1950s #badgirl, meets comfort. 

Style Tips:
When focusing on two contrasting shades, break up the accents so it isn't so matchy-matchy and back and forth. For example, I added a black mantilla at the top of the look, and black flats at the very bottom. 

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Corset: VTG 1950s
Skirt: VTG1950s
Scarf: Basic, square scarf folded
Purse: VTG 1950s
Flats: Forever 21
Sunglasses: eBay