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Fancy, Florals, Forties

Today's look is all about smooth, silky, and satin textures. This is a modern take on a classic 1940s Old Hollywood Glam getup. Rose-golden hues and gold accents are blended for a summer safe palette, alongside bouquets and a big brooch.

Style Tip: 
A classic outfit of the forties, was a tie-front, or puff sleeve blouse, and slinky beach pajamas. If you can't find exactly these separates, try to find some staple wide leg trousers, and pair with either a cropped blouse, or any top featuring dramatic sleeves and emphasis at the shoulders. *Do go big with brooches!

Top: VTG 1940s 
Pants: Custom Made Wide leg Trousers
Sunglasses: eBay
Flats: eBay
Brooch: eBay
Clutch: VTG 1950s


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