"Crying tears of gold, like lemonade"

It's golden hour in California's Carlsbad coast, a lovely little beach city, perched on the Pacific. The Pannikin sits on the historic Coast Hwy 101, and is a little coffee house, living in an original building, built in 1888. Opened since 1968, the feeling of nostalgia is present not only here, but in all of this city - which I used to live. With a cottage style exterior painted in butter yellow, and finished with white picket trim, style inspiration is an easy one. I would describe this look as a 1940s cottage girl, who loves living in the country. 

Pigtails are sweet and innocent, and there is nothing more appropriate to wear them with, than a puffy peasant top and some platforms. A popular skirt style of the 1940s was the vent skirt, especially in rayon. I cherish this skirt, because it is rare in rayon, and features the kind of cabbage rose print that I lust for. Satins & slinky materials always bring me back to the forties, but this style also has hints of the 1970s & 1960s (Lolita).

Style Tip:
If a crop top is too wide, or un-fitted, cut it from the middle center upwards, stopping below the breasts, creating two pieces of fabric to tie together.

Skirt: 1940s vintage
Shoes: 1940s vintage platforms


  1. Absolutely looooooove the photos and the location ;-) ;-)
    You look amazing.
    I love the tips!! So helpful.


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