"Mansfield ringer from the Hollywood silver screen"

It's the iconic landmark in Palm Springs known by locals as "that pink door." Instagram famous, it's one of those things that would be silly to skip if you're visiting, completing your retro rendezvous. Found at 1100 Sierra Way, this makes #pinkaesthetic reachable for all, and is ready for some serious snaps without issue. Standing about 10 feet tall, this marvelous, mid-century door is the perfect shade of bubblegum pink, accented by Agave. I had to bring some golden-age glam to #thatpinkdoor, so a fully beaded, vintage, pink, gown it was. The sparkles and sequins sure shine extra bright in the Palm Springs sun!

Style Tip:
Pink on pink, on pink, can be too much. I wear softer shades such as baby, and icy pinks, accented with shades of silvers to break things up. Peachier and coral shades however, look best when accented with gold.

Dress: 1950s vintage Gene Shelly
Faux Fur: The Pink Collar Life "20th Century Fox Fur"
Shoes: 1950s vintage Spring-o-lators