"I belong to a bygone era, like the Scarlet O'Hara"

The Romance Room - a symphony of unspoken affection, with thoughts of blue belles, floral flocking, and angelic figures & fixtures. This suite is indeed a heavenly realm, lit up with golden candelabras, and the California sun peeking through. This style is my take on a civil-war southern belle, meets 1940s starlet. With a bold bonnet, trimmed in buds and a bow, a Scarlet O'Hara look is brought back to life. This vintage dressing gown is late 1940s, accented with little flocked flowers of the same tones that make up the beauty that is: Romance.

Style Tip:
DO wear a dressing gown out on the town, not just the boudoir!

Dress: vintage 1940s
Hat: vintage 1940s bonnet