"Heaven is, on Hearst"

It would be simply stupid to try to capture the beauty of Hearst Castle in one short post, as this California Landmark is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Located in San Simeon, just one hour north of San Luis Obispo, the "Enchanted Hill" is Old Hollywood history beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. The drive alone, is nostalgic beyond, as you follow the California Coast, and watch as palms turn into pines. Julia Morgan is the renowned architect responsible for making Hearst Castle what it is today, as the beautification began from years 1919-1947. You could say William Randolph Hearst was the "Playboy" of the 1920s & 1930s, having all of Old Hollywood and political elite as guests at the Castle. 

My recommendation for your fist tour, would be anything inside the Castle, such as the Grand Rooms, or the Upstairs Suites. You can wander the grounds as you like, and can spend as much time as you wish, at the Neptune & Roman pools. Visiting in Spring, everything was in bloom, as you'll see some fanciful flowers below. The European themes of Spanish Revival and Roman art, make it an easy choice for appropriate dress. I opted for a darker, luxurious look, yet accented with florals (always). This calls for a black, lace veil, and some black, velvet embellished heels. I particularly love this vintage 1950s dress because it is a light cotton for hot weather, yet it is fitted and darted to perfection, giving off a svelte silhouette.

Style Tip:
  • Grab about a half yard or less, of old lace you may have laying around. 
  • Have the panel at least 24" wide. 
  • Cut it into the shape of a very curved triangle (the bottom being the widest part) 
  • Don't create a point at the top, but rather a bell curve. 
  • The curve sits at your crown, and the base at your shoulders
Now you have a homemade Mantilla!