"I'm your little scarlet, starlet, singin' in the garden"

A bonnet, and a Bentley, are the stars of this garden party. Inspirations of today are Pamela Anderson meets Scarlet O'Hara, with a sexy twist on a sweet, southern look. A pretty, pink, peasant dress, this 1950s era gem is made of swiss dot fabric, with sheer mesh panels of nude. My favorite thing is the little flower millinery sprinkled throughout, making this dress even sweeter. It was by accident, that I came across a vintage bonnet in the exact same shades & trimmings of the dress, and knew they had to be paired together. I've also added a little crochet rose satchel, which is a great handbag for a spring and summer vintage look.

Style Tip:
Use ribbons to cover the rubber bands holding your pigtails, or ponytail. Not only is it adorable and very "Lolita," but it serves a purpose. A little secret, is that I shop so much from Esty, and I save any cute ribbons used to wrap my package. They always come into use later, and It's always great to recycle! 

Dress: 1950s vintage peasant dress
Hat: 1940s vintage 
Handbag: 1940s vintage