"There are roses in between my thighs" 

Today's style inspiration is rustic and romantic - always with roses. With cacti & cowboy boots, a Pin-Up always gives a peep show, and although this look is not for every day, it is all fun & fantasy. This opulent Old West style comes from thoughts of an early California. The era is 1940s, with soft waves, and a center part, with a Spanish/Italian style twist. 

➽Style Tip:
I love adding symmetry to this hairstyle, by adding two roses on each side. For myself, hair flowers need to be simple or small, and sprinkled throughout. 

Jacket: 1950s vintage Matador jacket
Shorts: Jools Couture "Harlow set" (bottom)
Boots: 1950s vintage by "Acme"
Hat: Kid's black felt cowboy hat